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Buying cheap glasses online does not mean you have to compromise on quality or service.

Specs-By-Post was set up in 2006 to offer highly competitive Online Glasses, with considerable savings over the prices available on the High Street (literally up to 75%). By offering Cheap Glasses, but still maintaining a high level of quality and service, we can bring Glasses into your home, for you to choose at your leisure. Designer Glasses styles, like the Rimless Glasses from only £32 complete with standard hard coated single vision lenses are affordable to most.

We provide Discount Prescription Glasses every day, no need to wait for the sales and at our prices you can have different Spectacles for different looks. Cheap Specs means you can have more than 1 pair to compliment your outfits as most frames are available in different colours. Discount Glasses doesn’t mean you are loosing on quality as all our frames are CE marked and the lenses are supplied to British Standards.


Online Glasses will mean you can save money, sometimes significantly; however Cheap Glasses doesn’t mean a compromise anymore by ordering from Specs-By-Post.



Prescription Glasses at a fraction of the High Street cost

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