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For the ultimate in Reading Glasses try our Rimless Glasses, the model 544 is only 23mm deep but we can make it even shallower to give the perfect half-eye Reading Glasses so you can read and look over the top of the lens. Any of our Rimless Glasses can be manufactured to your personal height and width requirements.

Our Rimless Glasses can be altered to suit most, as we can increase / decrease the width and depth making them a unique size just for you.

Online Glasses will mean you can save money, sometimes significantly; however Cheap Glasses doesn’t mean a compromise anymore by ordering from Specs-By-Post.

Designer Glasses without the price tag!

You can order your Discount Prescription Glasses with confidence as you will receive exactly as you ordered in a short period of time. We offer a no quibble money back guarantee or exchange facility.

Mens Rimless Glasses

Ladies Rimless Glasses


Prescription Glasses at a fraction of the High Street cost

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