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The online glasses we offer are for adults, some of the ranges we offer are specifically mens others ladies. However there is an ever growing ‘unisex range’, so it is often worth looking at the whole catalogue as some of the glasses we have categorized as ladies, could equally be termed unisex.

Children’s glasses are not available on the web site for a number of reasons, one of them being children have widely ranging pupil distance measurements and further this measurement will change as they grow. Once we reach adulthood and our bones (specifically the skull) stop growing, the pupil distance will no longer alter.

To make online glasses we need a measurement called the PD. This is the pupillary distance, and is the distance between the centres of the pupils when looking into the far distance. This can easily be measured using a ruler, and it is advisable to have this measured by someone experienced at taking this measurement. It is possible for this measurement to be taken by anyone you nominate, but it should be repeated several times to ensure accuracy.

The higher the power the lens is in the glasses, the more important it is for the measurement to be accurate. For that reason we only offer a certain range of prescription glasses online. For powers over that it is best to send us your old / spare glasses so we can measure the distance between the centres of the lenses, and duplicate this in the new glasses.

Prisms are sometimes prescribed and generally we will not accept an order which requires prisms. If the prism is stable and a PD measurement can be supplied, then it may be possible to make this your glasses via a phone or postal order.

We offer three main categories of prescription glasses; namely,

  • Distance. Otherwise known as general purpose / everyday. This prescription is suitable for driving / television / cinema etc.
  • Reading. These are specifically close up reading glasses, for us within arms length and are not suitable for driving etc.
  • Intermediate. This is used for computer work for example, and the addition required for this range is lower than in a ‘reading prescription’,. If you require glasses solely for this purpose you need to mention this to the optician at the time of having an eye examination as an intermediate add may be required. This order will require a phone call to us to confirm you have the correct information for ordering.
  • Bifocals. These have two different areas and powers in the lens and are used for both distance and reading. 


  • Varifocals. These lenses have NO line, they power gradually changes from the distance, through the Intermendiate to the Reading towards the bottom of the lenses. THESE CAN ONLY BE ORDER BY PHONE as more specific measurements are required by the Lab for manufacture & positioning of the lens.

Types of glasses. 

  • Full rimmed – these specs come either all metal, all plastic (acetate) or a combination of the two.
  • Metal – these specs come in a variety of colours and styles and are very desirable designer glasses.
  • Plastic – these specs have all the latest features that designer glasses have to offer, but without the designer price tag.
  • Half rimmed, otherwise known as supra or semi-rimmed – come either as metal or plastic or a combination of the two.
  • Rimless also known as Three piece rimless – effectively a rimless is where the lens is drilled and the lens becomes the frame shape. With this type of frame it is possible to change the width and depth of the lens and manufacture it to your personal requirements. They can be made small to suit reading glasses or large to suit most prescription glasses. Tough lenses are recommended for this type of frame.

Whilst many people will find our web site using key words such as cheap glasses, budget glasses, economy glasses and so on, we are proud to offer a range of glasses all of which carry the CE mark,


Prescription Glasses at a fraction of the High Street cost

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