VARIFOCAL orders can only be placed by phone as more specific information is required by the Lab to position the lenses correctly into the frame PD & Hts (vertical & horizontal positioning). There are 2 ways in which this can be done:

1. If you have an old pair of glasses with Varifocal lenses in already (doesn’t matter how old they are, if the prescription is out of date, the lenses are scratched or the frame is damaged) you can post them to us & the Lab can duplicate the lens position from them.

2. If you don’t have a pair you can send us OR are a 1st time wearer, when your order has been placed we will send you a demo frame so you can have a photo of yourself taken wearing the frame & email it to us (instructions & sample picture will be sent with the frame) we can then calculate pupil position from this.

The Varifocal lenses available to you will depend on the frame you choose and your prescription.

Varifocals require a minimum frame depth to accommodate the lenses, our website lists the frames that are suitable for Varifocals but will not give a choice of lenses.

We offer Budget, Premium & Superior Varifocals. Varifocals work the same up & down the lens it is the peripheral vision that differs. Budget is a basic design whereas Superior has the widest field of vision across the lens giving better peripheral vision.

Into a full or semi-rimmed frame our Budget Varifocal (std) hardcoated lenses start from £55.00 a pair add-on and Budget Transition Varifocal (std) hardcoated lenses start from £115.00 a pair add-on.

Into Rimless frames we don’t offer std plastic lenses as they are quite brittle to drill holes through we start with a polycarbonate (1.59) material which are approx 12x stronger than std lenses. Budget Varifocal (1.59) ultra thin hardcoated lenses start from £95.00 add-on and Budget Transition Varifocal (1.59) ultra thin & strong hardcoated lenses start from £130.00 add-on.

(lenses prices added on to the frame price + post)


All our lenses come with a hardcoating (scratch resistant coating) we also offer Anti-reflection coating which reduces dazzle & glare from artificial lighting such as street-lights, car headlights & over head strip lighting.

We can also price for thinner lenses (higher index) such as 1.6, 1.67 & 1.74’s)

If you are happy with your current frame & just want new lenses we also offer a reglaze service (prices upon request)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01709 769402  or email us a contact number with your request to & we will call you.

Thank you


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