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Carducci 7158-Mens Glasses-Metal Sprung-Hinges sides -Silicone Comfort Bridge

Men's metal frame with longer sprung-hinged sides and a comfort bridge

Carducci 7162-Mens Glasses-Metal Sprung-Hinges sides

Mens metal frame with plastic sprung-hinged sides

Carducci 7173-Ladies Glasses-Metal-Sprung Hinged sides

Ladies glasses, metal frame with decorative detail on metal sprung-hinged sides

Carducci 7178-Mens Glasses-Metal Supra-Sprung-Hinges sides

Men's glasses, semi-rimmed metal frame with sprung-hinged sides

Coca Havana 950-Ladies Glasses-Metal-sprung hinged sides-smaller fitting

Ladies metal frames with decrative multicolured plastic sides

Coca Havana 959-Ladies Glasses-Metal

Ladies metal frames with decorative upper top temple bar