Semi Rimmed

Semi Rimmed (supra)

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bo582-Ladies Glasses+Diamantes-Anti Nickel Supra-Sprung Hinged Sides

Beautiful Ladies glasses with 5 fine diamantes on the sides, anti-nickel treated material

E037-Mens Glasses-Metal Supra-Sprung Hinged Sides-Silicone Comfort Bridge-bigger fitting

These metal semi-rimmed frames have a silicone comfort bridge

E535-Mens Glasses-Metal Supra-Sprung Hinged Sides-bigger fitting

Classic shaped men's semi-rimmed metal glasses

E588-Unisex Glasses-Metal Supra-Sprung Hinged Sides

Classic shaped semi-rimmed metal glasses. Larger bridge at 20mm so can be worn farther down the nose as reading 1/2 eyesglasses in a choice of many colours

sbp238-Mens Glasses-Metal Supra-bigger fitting

Wide fittng mens glasses with sprung hinged sides

SAKURU1003T-Ladies Glasses-Supra-Titanium Ultralight

Titanium Metal.New range of Designer Ultralight frames.

sbp260-Unisex Glasses-Metal Supra-Sprung Hinged Sides

Fashionable semi-rimmed glasses

sbp269-Unisex Glasses-Metal Supra-Sprung Hinged Sides

Fashionable semi-rimmed glasses with dual-coloured sides

sbp416-Unisex Glasses-Metal Supra-Sprung Hinged sides

Unisex Glasses-Metal Supra

sbp419-Ladies Glasses+Diamantes-Metal Supra-Sprung Hinged

Fantastic glasses with diamantes down the temples, in a choice of 5 contrasting colours, with a smaller than average bridge fitting.